Eduardo Portal, conductor

The State of Europe

19th, October 2018

In October 2018 Eduardo took part, for a second year, in The State of Europe high-level round table, now in its 15th edition, which annually gathers 200+ influential figures from more than 40 countries to brainstorm on the future of Europe and to provide concrete recommendations on how to make Europe more relevant to its citizens.

The list of discussants include sitting and former (prime) ministers, CEOs, NGO leaders, European Commissioners, members of Parliaments, influencers, top journalists and European Young Leaders, in an interactive, inclusive and fast-paced brainstorm – a new way of working to generate new ideas for a new era. This year’s State of Europe discussants will co-design a Europe that still matters in 2030.

Eduardo also participated actively in the European Young Leaders Alumni meeting the following day.