Eduardo Portal, conductor

Tallin Seminar with the European Young Leaders

19th, September 2017

Eduardo has once again joined the European Young Leaders for a seminar in Tallin. He enjoys the honour of being the only artist selected to become a EYL 2017. In this ocassion they were joined by leaders of North America and the Middle East region. Other leaders are world acclaimed microbiologists, entrepreneurs, journalists or Members of Parliament.

Guests to the seminar included Jüri Ratas, Prime minister of Estonia, and Jaan Tallinn, co-funder of Skype, and they discussed relevant maters including "Reaching new audiences through the arts", "Redesigning Education", "How music can bridge a social divide", and "Artificial intelligence and existencial risk".

The European Young Leaders (EYL40) programme, organised by Friends of Europe, is a unique, inventive and multi-stakeholder programme that aims to promote a European identity by engaging the continent’s most promising talents in initiatives that will shape Europe’s future.