Eduardo Portal, conductor

State of Europe high-level roundtable

23rd, October 2019

Eduardo has taken part again of the State of Europe high-level roundtable. This event, not in its 16th edition, annually gathers 200+ influential figures from more than 40 countries to brainstorm on the future of Europe.

Other guests included Anna König Jerlmyr (Major of Stockholm and president of EUROCITIES), Marta Krupinska (Head of Google for Startups UK), Dalia Grybauskaite (Former president of Lithuania), Jacques Bughin (Senior Partener at McKinsey & Company and Director at the McKinsey Global Institute), Sebastien de Halleux (COO at Saildrone), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Former president of the Republic of Liberia and Nobel Peace Laureate), Alexis Tsipras (Former prime minister of Greece), Věra Jourová (European Comission Vice-President-designate for Values and Transparency), influencers, top journalists and European Young Leaders.