Eduardo Portal, conductor

SMF Workshop

20th, July 2018

The Social Mobility Foundation provides networks of support and opportunities to extremely gifted students from underprivileged backgrounds across the UK, including internships in reputable companies, university and career coaching.

Eduardo has recently cooperated with the SMF together with Manuel Costescu (EYL40 European Young Leaders, ex. McKinsey, ex. JP Morgan and ex State Secretary for Trade and Investment in Rumania; current Director of Investments at Open Society Foundations - SEDF) and Justin Maciejewski (ex. Director of Combat British Army; current Director of the National Army Museum).

They have spent a day together with the SMF students, and delivered an interactive workshop focused on teamwork abilities, strategic planning, inclusivity and other important matters learnt from their backgrounds in the military, music, business, and public service. The workshop was graciously hosted by the National Army Museum.

I would highly encourage others' involvement in helping the Social Mobility Foundation cause.